It’s hard to go too far wrong with a backyard wedding in the middle of nowhere. Natalie and Chris certainly took this and ramped it up a notch!

We kicked the day off at ‘The House In The Woods,’ nestled somewhere in The New Forest, where Natalie was as cool as a cucumber.

Chris was just up the road and couldn’t resist popping his pirate hat on to calm the nerves.

We headed over to Beaulieu Abbey for the ceremony (which is pretty spectacular), before moseying back to The House In The Woods to get the party started.

Not sure I’ve ever seen such a professional and well choreographed first dance. I was half expecting an impromptu Hokey Pokey to break out…

What better way to round off the night than a cream tea fuelled Ceilidh performed with Natalie’s dad on the violin!

I'm getting married too!