This is probably my favourite time of year.

I’ve always loved the winter. Getting comfy in my big coat, driving around when it’s dark and not feeling guilty about going to bed early. Having said that, I’ve never loved miserable and rainy weather.

The beginning of spring is that perfect middle ground where the sun comes out, the flowers blossom and it’s light enough for me to wake up in the morning – but still cold enough so I can wear my nice coat.

Heather, Leon and I decided to head down to Kimmeridge in Dorset for a couple shoot to take advantage of the absolutely awesome coastline right on our doorstep. Completely forgetting the fact that it was Mother’s Day in the UK, we arrived to find the beach awash of mums on a leisurely Sunday walk.

Using careful framing, patience and some occasional bravery, we managed to get some pretty awesome photos! The intense sun made for a very welcome challenge and really made me get my thinking hat on!

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