Back at the turn of 2016, I made a promise to myself to spend less money on things and more money on doing cool stuff.

It’s now part way through 2017 and I’m just spending too much on both.

My parents love Europe. I spent most of my summers up an Alp somewhere. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Europe. Austria and Germany are right up there on my favourite countries list. But I really wanted to ramp it up a notch.

Chris, one of my best mates from university, and I decided that Hong Kong was the perfect balance; with incredible architecture, beautiful surrounding hills, diverse culture but a remaining hint of familiarity.

That’s it. We booked it.

It then dawned on me. There’s no way that I’m flying all of my Nikon gear out there and carrying it around for over two weeks. I needed something smaller and lighter.

On a bit of an impulse, I ordered a Fujifilm X-T10 and a couple of pancake lenses from Wex Photographic. It looked cool, good spec, well reviewed, good price and most importantly, light.

I never had any experience with Fujifilm before. I had heard good things, but always thought they were more of a ‘nice-to-have’ camera system than a professional workhorse. If we fast forward a few months, I’ve ended up selling all of my Nikon gear and going fully-Fuji. So they must have done something right.

This little camera is a beast.

Right from the beginning, I loved it. The menu was slick, the controls were exactly what I expected and the files were rock solid. Bear in mind, I bought this entire setup for around £500. Multiply that number a few times and I would still be satisfied.

I could carry this gear around all day and forget that it was even in my bag. I could see what I was doing through the viewfinder when shooting at night. I could take a few sneaky shots without raising the suspicion of the security guards.

Anyway, enough of that – take a look at a few of my favourites from my travels around Hong Kong! This is the first of a two part series, so make sure to check back here for part two! 😀