If you haven’t read Part One yet – you better go back and do it!

People that know me well are aware of my love for architecture. I’m always making excuses for impromptu photography weekends in London. In fact, wandering around London and photographing symmetrical buildings out of sheer boredom was where I fell in love with photography in the first place.

Me and my mate Chris decided we wanted to go somewhere big. Big buildings, big culture and big photo opportunities.

Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong made up the shortlist. Hong Kong ended up being the resounding winner, though the others are still right up there on my places to visit. I’m sure you’ll be reading my blog articles about Shanghai 2021 and Tokyo 2019 at some point.

This place really is a photographers dream. The only downside? It’s just so enormous. I was exhausted. Walking between 5 and 12 miles each day, it’s safe to say I deserved my ramen each evening.

If I hadn’t switched to a lighter camera setup, I’m not sure I would have coped. You can read more about my recent camera switch here.

Anyway, enough about me. Take a seat and enjoy the view.