It’s safe to say that waking up at 6am after 24 hours of travelling and hundreds of miles of driving wasn’t my idea. My girlfriend, a self-proclaimed early bird, was up and ready to go not long after 5am. This obviously meant that I had to wake up too.

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As we only had 5 days in Iceland, we already had a very good idea of what we wanted to do and when. So we rigged up the car with GoPros, packed our Langly’s and hit the road to be tourists for the day. Well, as touristy as you can get in the middle of northern Iceland.

Akureyri to Goðafoss

It only took 40 minutes to drive from our apartment in Akureyri to Goðafoss, which in the grand scheme of things wasn’t far at all. In the north of Iceland, most of the key places to visit are down the same stretch of road. We found ourselves driving past Goðafoss every time we headed out!

I’m going to be honest, Goðafoss wasn’t right up there on my places to visit list. It was eclipsed in my head by Dettifoss, which we actually ended up visiting on my birthday a few days later. What I didn’t realise was that Goðafoss would end up being my favourite place to photograph on our entire trip.

The falls aren’t particularly high or powerful, but the arrangement allowed for so many different awesome angles. You could get as close as you liked at all sides of the waterfall, including down at water level. We could have spent the entire day here, but we had plenty more planned 30 minutes down the road at Mývatn.

Goðafoss to Hverfjall

Before heading off, we spent a cool £11 on an aptly named bar of chocolate, Omnom, which was unfortunately delicious and ended up costing us about £60 over the course of the 5 days.

Next up was Hverfjall, the remains of an enormous volcanic eruption some 2800 years ago. I thought our poor little Fiat 500 was going to rattle itself to pieces as we drove up to the carpark. Maybe we should have rented something with a bit more ground clearance…

Just as we reached the edge of the Hverfjall crater after a steep climb, the wind picked up and the snow began to fall. This allowed for some pretty awesome photos against the black volcanic rock. My girlfriend’s yellow coat created some awesome contrast too, making every photo look good regardless. The same couldn’t be said about my boring black coat. Sorry, Han.

Hverir Then Home

 We swung by Hverir on the way back to Akureyri but it was so bitterly cold that we couldn’t really enjoy it. The only way I kept shooting was by keeping my gloves on and taking advantage of the big dials on my Fujifilm X-T2. Genuinely would have been screwed with my old camera system. 

Didn’t want to mess around with multiple hard drives, so I only brought my 1TB LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt and enough SD cards to last a month to allow two backups of everything. I never like formatting my cards until everything is backed up on the mothership (the pile of slow storage on my desk).

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