Sometimes all you need is a pretty location, a great bunch of people and a whole load of imagination. That’s exactly what Lauren and Nathan did and what they were able to create was nothing short of incredible.

A few unfortunately circumstances wasn’t stopping these two from having their special day – having brought their wedding forward a year due to work commitments.

I’ve never been to Meadow Tree Farm in Hampshire before but this place is seriously cool – nestled in the woods with plenty of relatively untouched awesomeness.

I’ve developed a real soft spot for humanist ceremonies. They’re so personal and genuine – there’s not much that can top it, other than a humanist ceremony outside in the forest – so Lauren and Nathan did a pretty good job on that front.

The whole day was just so much fun and chock-a-block full of personal touches. I mean come on, we even had personalised picnic hampers!

I knew their wedding was going to be a good’n after their engagement session last year and these two certainly didn’t disappoint – Lauren and Nathan are clearly made for each other and there were more than a few glassy eyes among the guests.

I'm getting married too!