After an awesome shoot with Sarah and Lorraine earlier this summer, I was greeted to a nice little tag on Facebook with Oly – Sarah’s younger brother.

He saw the photos and had so many unbelievably nice things to say. So we just thought – let’s do this!

Han and I rocked up at Charlotte and Oly’s house to grab a quick drink before we got started. This quick drink ended up being a long drink when we were met at the door by two tiny kittens.

We headed up to Roundway Hill in Devizes on what could only be described as the windiest day imaginable. It also rained the night before – so it really was chaos.

Charlotte and Oly were so chill and easy to shoot with. The cold wind led to some genuine cuddles – which always makes life a little easier!

And how could we miss the opportunity of dropping some Wolf Academy merchandise into this pre-wedding shoot?

Thanks for being so awesome guys!

I'm getting married too!