I don’t know what else to say but thank you for everything. You really have done something special for us 💕
After SJ and Anne’s shoot a few weeks ago – I decided that Wareham Forest is so ridiculously good that I just had to go back. And what a time to do it!
We were greeted by what could only be described as the most perfect evening. The sun was beaming through the trees but was just soft enough from this haze that swept across the forest.
Demi and Dom absolutely rocked it.
It hardly even felt like we were there to do any ‘work.’ It was essentially just a couple of hours of playing around with some photos thrown into the mix.
And that’s why it was so great! Nothing was staged. Everything was completely natural. With a personality as enormous as Demi’s – there wasn’t much else that I could do other than just go with it and capture the chaos as it happened.
Thanks for such an awesome evening guys – so psyched about how good this set looks!
I'm getting married too