Here’s a funny little story – so my girlfriend booked me in for a tattoo on my arm as a surprise. Ended up being a double surprise when we discovered that one of my clients, Sam, was the one doing it! Small world.

We just so happened to have picked the one weekend when Tyneham Village is closed, so we had to use some serious local knowledge to find a suitable alternative. After ending up in a carpark with one great view and not a whole lot else, we made our merry way down and found some great looking fields near to Kimmeridge in Dorset. 

It’s hard to go too far wrong with such a cool looking couple in such a beautiful location – even with the local neighbourhood watch giving us a stern telling off for standing amongst a cabbage field (she wasn’t the one with the gun, so we weren’t too worried). 

Rachel and Sam totally vibe off of one another. It’s great when I don’t really have to say a whole lot and can just snap away in the background. 

Seriously looking forward to the wedding in August at Wimborne’s awesome Deans Court!

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