Every time I find myself in London, I always make a quiet vow to myself to come back to Shoreditch for an engagement shoot. All of those lights and quirky streets are just too much to go ignored. 

Well it just so happens I had a day of shoots up in London and it also just so happened that Ruth and Simon were well up for showing Shoreditch all that they’ve got.

We kicked things off at Boxpark and did a big loop over to Liverpool Station, over to Spitalfields and back to Boxpark to round things off. What made things even more interesting was relying 100% on the ambient light that Shoreditch had to offer. 

I’m no stranger to cracking out the lighting when I need it but London pumps out so much of the good stuff that we might as well take advantage of it. 

Ruth and Simon were absolutely awesome – acting as both the talent and the tour guides. My body is 100% ready for the wedding in April! Shaping up to be an absolute banger. 

I'm getting married too!