I spend most of my time in Winchester now, so it was a nice little change of scenery to head on into the South Downs in Hampshire for Fiona and Shaun’s engagement session.

I drive through here way too often on my way to weddings in Surrey, constantly trying and spot angles and shoot locations when I’m supposed to be keeping an eye on the road.

Thankfully, Fiona and Shaun are locals and hooked us up with a pretty awesome location – Butser Hill. The weather was perfect, the backdrop was epic and Fiona and Shaun were in a pretty great mood.

What a combination.

Not even the negligible degrees above freezing could stop this shoot from being an absolute corker. The nippy temperatures helped to provoke genuine cuddles anyway, so we had no reason to complain.

Totally pumped to photograph your wedding in 2019 guys!

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