I’ve known Tash and Tom for a little while now. Friends of friends, drunken conversations at parties – all that jazz.

One of our mutual friends put us in touch and everything went from there!

I’ve shot at The Italian Villa a bunch of times before but amazingly never for a wedding. We had some pretty crazy weather over the days and weeks prior to Tash and Tom’s wedding so I didn’t quite know what to expect on the day.

My favourite part of the whole morning was when we swung by to see Tash’s great aunt on the way to the wedding. Her reaction was absolutely incredible and it was such a fantastic moment to capture on camera. Couldn’t help but feel a little emotional!

Amazingly, the weather held out (well, until everyone was too drunk to care), so we all got to spend plenty of time in the beautiful gardens and even explore the Japanese Gardens.

The party in the evening was interesting to say the least. A few NSFW didn’t quite make it to the blog – let’s just leave it at that!

Thanks so much for having us along guys! Had an absolute blast.

Hey, I'm getting married too!