Well then…2018 was pretty mega.

Seemed a shame to upload my best of 2018 with one wedding to go, but Lauren and Jamie’s amazingly Christmassy wedding at the similarly amazing Burley Manor ended up being the perfect way to round off the year.

An almighty thank you to all 52 of you lovely lot I had the pleasure of snapping this year. Saw (and mostly captured) plenty of tears, belly laughs, bridesmaids falling over, brides falling over, cakes falling over and some serious shape throwing on the dance floor.

An even almightier thank you to all of you who helped me to be voted the Best Wedding Photographer in the South West at the Wedding Industry Awards! Means an unbelievable amount to me and still feels a little bit surreal.

My passport is going to have to limber up for 2019, with almost 30 incredible weddings here in the UK, across Europe and worldwide!

Picking my favourites from the year was a mammoth task but I’ve finally settled on no less than 175 moments which make me feel all gooey inside.

It’s Christmas Eve, so grab a stiff drink and scroll to your heart’s content! I think I’ll have one too.

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