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A Little More About Me

Hey, I’m Stuart! I’m a professional wedding photographer based in Dorset, UK and available worldwide.

Hailing from sunny Bournemouth, it was almost impossible to avoid getting involved in the local nightclub scene. Little did I know this would be where I would get my initial training for dealing with Auntie Julie after she’s had a few too many free prosecco’s at the end of a wedding.

It also helped me to develop my chops at photographing in some of the most difficult of environments. As both myself and my photography style matured, I decided to focus exclusively on wedding photography. With a slightly mixed and confused photography background, I developed a style that can barely be categorised.

It’s both documentary and dramatic. It’s both lifestyle and fine-art. It’s filmic but still very modern.

I also brought my nightclub skills to the table and really pull out all the stops when the bottles get popped and the heels get swapped out for something a little more comfortable.

The party is definitely one of the best bits. The things I get to see really are beyond words, and that’s what makes it so awesome!

There’s something about being invited to be such an important part of a couple’s day that just gets the creative juices flowing on levels I couldn’t have imagined.

Alongside photography, I also like to travel. By travel, I don’t mean flying to Spain and sitting by the pool for two weeks. I mean driving through a blizzard in North Iceland before a week-long road trip kind of travelling.

Do I photograph worldwide? F**k yeah I photograph worldwide. Just let me know where you’re getting married – I’ll be there and be part of the adventure.

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