Devon, clifftop, festival. These are all good words when it comes to a wedding—and Jaz and Ali’s absolute stunner certainly didn’t disappoint.

It’s always an honour to be photographing another photographer’s wedding, especially when they’re as damn good as Ali. The pressure certainly wasn’t on though, because it really was hard to go wrong because the entire day was just a big pile of good vibes from start to finish. 

The day started with me literally chasing Ali around between the Airbnb and wedding field on his bicycle while Jaz got ready upstairs in the house with the girls. I was photographing on my own but the schedule was so relaxed which meant I could just float about and capture whatever was happening at that moment. 

The ceremony itself was outside on top of a cliff with the most stunning views across the Devon coastline. Hardly a tradition in sight—with a friend conducting the ceremony, a big old singalong with Ali on guitar. There was a ring exchange though, so that’s something.

After the ceremony, everyone was basically left to just take it all in. The views, the experience, the activities. I’m all for a long drinks reception if there is plenty for everyone to do—Ali and Jaz certainly thought about this and made sure everyone had what they needed. Plus, we were treated to a cowtastic spectacle which got all of the kids very excited. And yes, I did just use the word cowtastic.

Dockside Revolutions saw us through into the evening with banger after banger. The dancefloor was absolutely bonkers and champagne being poured onto people’s faces is always an entertaining photo opportunity when people least expect it.

10/10, would do this again. 

Table Art: Niki Usagi

Table Plan: Made.By.James

Food: Koocha Mezze Bar


Marque: Hatch Marquees

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