Possible new favourite venue alert. As a wedding photographer in Dorset, I’ve always whizzed past Pennsylvania Castle and thought it looked stunning, but never had an opportunity to shoot here into Sera & James showed their happy little faces in my inbox.

My god, this place is unreal. Every room is just stunning. Those enormous south-facing windows are just something else altogether – especially with a view like that to gawp over.

We kicked the day off up in the room at the top of the tower, where Sera appeared to have some uncontrollable giggles, which I discovered as soon as she dropped some crisps on the floor.

Can’t go too far wrong with an outdoor ceremony, especially with a backdrop like this. So much space for all of the guests and a beautiful little structure to get married under. Couldn’t get much better really.

After some lovely food, we headed out onto the cliffs of Portland overlooking Weymouth to capture the stunning sunset. Sera & James were awesome on their engagement shoot, so I knew they’d be super comfortable with each other in front of the camera.

I’ve been up here before under worse conditions and knew it would be a good’un, but oh my days were we spoiled this time. The sky was absolutely perfect and it was almost impossible to not get any beautiful images up here.

Everything came together and we captured that perfect balance of epic dramatic shots, cosy little moment and Sera and James being their usual selfs. What a way to round off the day before the carnage of the dance floor.

The dance floor is almost always my favourite part of any wedding, but this was something different altogether. Chaos, is the word that springs to mind. In fact, it was so fun that I stayed right until the very end before whizzing home.

Thank you SO much for inviting me along to photograph your wedding! Massive highlight of the season for me. 

Dress: Allure Bridals

Dress Shop: Pure Couture

Caterpillar Cake: M&S

Florist: Fiona Penny

Hair/MUA: Amazing Face Dorset

Catering: Rodeo

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