What an absolute stunner of a couple, venue and wedding in general. This was definitely one of those days where the stars aligned and everything just looked *chefs kiss.*

Never been to the Matara Centre before, tucked away in the Cotswolds. Wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but the moment I walked through the doors I knew I was in for something special. Didn’t know where to point my camera half the time, there were just too many details and cute areas to photograph.

Robyn was getting ready upstairs while the boys were downstairs in the drawing room. Definitely a benefit of having a venue like this is that I can float about in the morning to capture both sides getting ready in the lead up to the ceremony.

After a few tasty looking portraits, it was show time. Not sure I’ve ever photographed a ceremony that goes around a bend before, so it definitely made for some careful coordination between myself and the videographer to ensure we didn’t get in each other’s or anyone else’s way. But we made it work, and what a ceremony it was. This is one of the most gorgeous backdrops I’ve seen at a wedding in the UK, or quite possibly anywhere. 

Took all of about 5 seconds after getting back down the aisle for Josh to polish off an entire glass of champagne in one swoop. This was definitely a sign of things to come as we headed into the reception and the drinks got going.

After mingling, we headed out for a few photos in the terracotta summer room and around the grounds. Dan the videographer and I had already scoped out the venue earlier in the day to find couple portrait locations, so we just bounced around from spot to spot and captured the magic.

The room was absolutely kitted out from head to toe in flowers and decoration. The Planning Lounge and Nice Bunch definitely outdid themselves on this one.

After dinner, it was time for a few drinks before the party got started. Now when I say a few drinks, I was playing it down a little bit. Trying to remember the last time a trolley full of Jaeger Bombs was wheeled out onto a dance floor and emptied in seconds.

What happened next was, well, it was chaos.

Venue: The Matara Centre

Florist: Nice Bunch

Stylist: The Planning Lounge

Cake: Anna Cake Couture

Videographer: Dan Dolan Films

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