Been a little hectic here in Stuart Land over the past few months, which is a real shame as some absolute bangers just haven’t had a chance to make it up on my blog. 

Well that changes today. I’m nicely caught up with most of my work and seemingly random travelling adventures, so it’s time to sit down and show the world all of the amazing weddings I’ve had the pleasure of attending and capturing towards the end of the 2019 wedding season.

Rachel and Sam, what more can I say? Your wedding was unreal.

Deans Court in Wimborne is soon becoming one of my favourite venues to photograph weddings in Dorset (and dangerously local, which is always nice). Such a perfect balance of cool outdoor space, nice walls, weird little corners and general awesomeness around every corner. 

I love alternative vibes as much as the next person (you probably already know from all of my weird black and white edgy photos), but when Rachel and Sam just let me go ham on their wedding day, I knew it wasn’t an opportunity to pass up.

Rachel looked absolutely bananas in her Stella York dress, and Sam didn’t half make an impression with his suit (which just so happened to match the dogs…)

Thanks SO much for inviting me along to capture you guys getting hitched. A real highlight of the season for me. 

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