Another enormous highlight of the 2022 season. I mean I’m a sucker for a back garden wedding at the best of times, but when your back garden is THIS beautiful and your wedding is this bloody amazing—it is just the perfect set of ingredients.

We started and ended the day at Robyn’s family home, which is this absolutely stunning 16th century manor house on loads of land in the Cotswolds. These windows, these tones, this wooden panelling—I mean come on.

Robyn looked incredible in her elegant and minimalist Suzanne Neville dress, so much so that it all became a little overwhelming seeing herself in the mirror. Not a dry eye in the room at that moment.

The ceremony itself was just down the road in a cute little church which was giving me all sorts of gothic vibes. After we were all shuttle bussed back up the parents house, it was time for drinks and canapés in the garden by Foxy Ladies and Anscombe & Hay.

The marquee itself was a bit of a stunner, supplied by Space Intense and fit so perfectly in the beautifully landscaped garden. 

With such a beautiful house in such a beautiful part of the UK, it really was hard to go too far wrong when taking Robyn and Andrew out for photos of them together. We even got the chance to head down the road and photograph the sunset over Gloucestershire and the birds living their best lives.

The rest of the evening is exactly what you’d expect. Good drinks, good people and good vibes. What an amazing day! 

Hair: Louise Always

Make-up: Christy Waterfall

Band: The Kings of Soul

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