Damn, these guys did good. 

A new venue for me (and probably a lot of people) seeing as it’s brand spanking new. Chalk Barn is an awesome Scandinavian feeling space parked right on top of a stunning hill in Wiltshire with 360 views over some of the best greenery in the UK.

That Scandinavian vibe could definitely be felt throughout the day, with some pretty nippy winds hitting us at all angles and introducing a little drama to the photos. 

Charlotte and Oly were absolute champions. With the whole bohemian/rustic vibe in full force, it was hard to know which way to point my camera with all of the cute details and little touches all over the place.

& have you seen that flower crown?!

Venue: Chalk Barn

Dress: The Bridal Lounge

Food: Outfit Events

Ice Cream: Fluffy Puffin

Flowers: Flowers At The Conservatory

Band: The True Tones

I'm getting married too!