Chalk Barn holds a very special place in my heart and it’s ALWAYS a good vibe here. Nestled just outside of Devizes in Wiltshire on top of a hill with unreal views, it really is an absolutely bonkers place for a wedding. 

I ended up getting quite pally with the owners/staff here from photographing one of the first weddings and then doing all of the venue photography too, so I find myself here fairly often from plenty of recommendations which is always lovely!

The weather definitely is something that you just need to go along with at a wedding. There’s no controlling it, so why even worry. But Rosie and James were seriously jammy this day, with some of the most absurd conditions I’ve ever seen in the UK before. It just kept getting better, we must have literally ran outside about three separate times as the sky just become more and more ridiculous.

Started the day at Brambledown just at the bottom of the hill, which is one of the accommodation options that Chalk offers. I was with Rosie in the morning, leaving James to do his thing up at the venue with the boys. 

After Rosie had slipped into a lovely Watters number from & Wolf Bridal Studio, I whizzed off ahead up the hill to Chalk to find James and snap everyone arriving. The weather at this point was certainly not behaving, so the ceremony ended up moving back inside at the eleventh hour as the wind and rain was just a bit too hectic. 

Not a problem though, there’s so much space and such enormous windows at Chalk that you basically feel like you’re outside anyway!

The ceremony was short and sweet, and right on cue the weather decided to sort itself out right in time for the drinks reception. It was garden party vibe a’plenty, with garden games and all of the guests running around like mad with all of the space.

While the weather did ultimately sort itself out, the wind was still causing a little chaos whenever it fancied. A particular highlight being a rogue gust blowing one of the guests pizza’s right out of his hands. Of course I took photos, no shame. 

As mentioned, the light was absolutely bananas. I took Rosie and James out a few times down the drive and around to see the sheep, but it just kept getting better and better. We all ended up become so attuned to how beautiful it was that all it needed was a glance across the garden and we were all making a dash for the fields for some more photos.

The night was rounded off in style with some serious shapes being thrown on the dance floor. No half measures here. Some impromptu break dancing and just the right number of tequila shots later, I had captured what was needed, said my goodbye’s and left everyone to it.

Catering: Smoke Tin Kitchen

Florist: Ammi

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