There must be something in the air at Deans Court in Wimborne. It appears that every single wedding I photograph here is absolute madness—and Abby-Kate and Adam’s little number was absolutely no exception. 

I always love shooting here as 9 times out of 10 everyone gets ready in the cottages, has the ceremony on the steps and the reception in the garden. Having everything in one place always makes for a great atmosphere as people can fully relax and just get stuck in. Plus, the whole of the Deans Court Estate is beautiful so you can’t go too far wrong!

We started the day as ever with Abby-Kate in the Plum Cottage and Adam in the Gate House with the boys. I was shooting on my own so I just floated between the two all morning until everyone was ready, snapping away in the background until I inevitably got swept up in to the party with the bridesmaids.

Abby-Kate was looking unreal as usual, with flowers prepared locally by New Street Flowers. An outdoor ceremony at Deans Court is always a little special as it’s just such a beautiful location. The super long walk down the aisle, the beautiful dappled light from the plans and vines—I could go on. The perfect recipe for a beautiful wedding. I definitely got a feel for the day at this point, as it wasn’t all nerves and tears but a big load of laughs from the moment we started.

This should have been the give away. 

After the ceremony, I feel like everyone just lost it a little bit. It was hard to keep track of exactly what was going on, I just photographed everything I could see and decided to worry about mentally processing it all later. Pouring canapés on faces, impromptu bundles, bridesmaids doing the splits during group shots. The list goes on.

And this certainly didn’t stop once the sun went down and the music started. You know you’re in safe hands when the groom decides to go full Angus Young and does a spinning air guitar on the floor during the first dance. From this moment on, it was chaos. Thankfully this is totally my jam so I got stuck right in and captured the mayhem in all it’s glory.

This was definitely one to remember, and my job was extra important as I doubt anyone else remembers it!


What a photographer! We got recommended Stuart by our florist and bridesmaid and after seeing his insta, we knew we had to reach out to him. Due to covid we postponed three times, and each time stuart was quick to confirm he was able to do it and was so accomadatibg and lovely!

And to the day itself….WOW. He really lived up to his word and was there from the beginning till the end. He was present for everything and people commented at how it didn’t feel like he was in the way. We have our pictures back and we are utterly blown away. He managed to capture what was already an incredible day perfectly and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you so so much Stuart!

Food: Molecular Magic

Make-Up: Jennifer Dytham

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