All weddings are different. There are those where everything is neatly organised and you know exactly what’s going on and when. Then there are those where I am literally just there for the ride, snapping photos in every direction and seeing what sticks. Felicity and Jack’s wedding at Glebe Farm Barn in Norfolk was most certainly the latter.

It all started out much as you’d expect, with Felicity getting ready at her parents house and Jack at their house with the boys. Felicity was looking rather amazing in her House of Ollichon two-piece,and Jack didn’t scrub up too badly in his Beggars Run suit. 

Jack drove himself in style to the church in a rented Mustang, because why the hell not? 

After a snappy ceremony with one of my favourite vicar’s to date, there was time to squeeze in some quick family photos on on the main street in Heydon, followed by a quick five minutes of alone time with Felicity and Jack to grab some photos while everyone headed to Glebe Farm Barn.

This place was the nuts, with food flying around by Squilla & Squidge and drinks flowing from East Coast Bars. And when I say flowing, they really were flowing. I’m trying to work out if I’ve ever attended a wedding where the dance floor was so rowdy that getting a first dance in would be impossible, so the couple just skipped it entirely. 

Wine being free-poured onto people’s faces, endless shots being consumed plant pots being danced with and subsequently dropped, Felicity also being danced with and subsequently dropped on numerous occasions. It really was all action. Last photo of the night was Felicity in a heap on the floor again, where I knew I had captured everything I need and could whizz back to my hotel for the night before driving back to Dorset the next morning.

What an absolutely bonkers day. 

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