I knew Asha & Lewis’ wedding was going to be a doozy from the moment of booking, but didn’t quite expect THIS level of dooziness. Is that a word? Probably.

After one of the clumsiest arrivals at a wedding that there’s ever been—spilling coffee on my shirt the night before at the hotel, to then spill another coffee on my spare shirt whilst driving to Winstanley House in the morning, I’m surprised I was even in the mental state to bring-it for 16 hours straight. 

I have a serious soft spot for weddings that provide a real culture bomb. The colours, the atmosphere, the enormous families and little traditions. It’s all just a photographer’s dream—even though I end up popping half of the photos in black and white…

The weather definitely wasn’t on our side for the first half of the day but my-oh-my did it really sort itself out later on. Winstanley House is a cool space and provided an awesome backdrop. We were even allowed into the sneaky secret garden out back for some golden hour photos before the obligatory nap time you get before the evening festivities. 

Iron and Swan really brought the heat with the decoration, kitting the place out in the exact way it deserved. And what a dance floor! It really was banger central from start to finish. And you know I can’t resist a good boogy photo…

Asha & Lewis, you guys did damn good.

Stuart is what you call the glamour kid: moves fast, works invisible and creates the most loving and delicate imagery of your wedding that you could imagine. We had a 250 strong wedding & the love we felt on the day was captured in the photographs he took. It makes me well up when I look at these images, we can see the people who were there for us and that was the most important part for us. He made us beautiful.

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