No, you haven’t accidentally stumbled upon Hackett London’s latest formalwear collection lookbook. That’s just Lauren, Gregg (and the little one) looking as cool as anything.

What a wedding. And a first for me over at The Kings Arms in Christchurch who did an awesome job hosting us all!

We kicked things off with Lauren getting herself sorted beneath those stunning windows in the bridal suite. This obviously set us up for something pretty special. I actually know these two back from when I actually had a ‘real job’ as my mum would put it. And in classic Dorset style, I knew pretty much everyone else too!

After some of the funniest wedding speeches I’ve ever photographed, everything went a bit bananas. The dance floor was, for lack of a better word…lit. Ended up shooting as much on the dance floor as the entire rest of the day. Clearly the mark of a job well done. 

Thanks so much for having us guys, we had an absolute blast! It’s going to be a hard one to top.

I'm getting married too!