First wedding of the year—it’s February, the sun’s out and it’s warm. Should I be concerned?

When Abi and Steve initially got in touch, I had grand visions of us trudging around in the snow and all of the guests huddled inside around the fire.

What we ended up with was what felt more like a weekend in May—and it’s safe to say that everyone was in holiday mode. Should have seen it coming really, a wedding full of meteorologists and all!

New venue for me, nestled on the border of Devon and Dorset. Such a great little spot, completely closed from the public and with plenty of outdoor space to enjoy our first summer of the year. 

Abi and Steve were absolute legends on their engagement session, which really helped us to capture some awesome little moments of them together.

Great venue, great people and good vibes all around. Thanks so much for having us guys, had an absolute blast and what a way to start the year!

I'm getting married too!