It’s very strange to think that Megan and James’ wedding at the lovely Larkbeare House in Exeter was supposed to be my 25th wedding of 2020. It ended up being the third.

When Megan called me up to tell me that they were still going ahead with their wedding on the same date but at a revised venue and with just immediate family, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. It was awesome that someone could be so positive about something so unarguably rubbish. But it also filled me with worry that the day just wouldn’t be as special as it always should have been.

I was pretty damn wrong. Spoiler alert: I’m now a micro-wedding fanboy.

Larkbeare House is a cute little registry office in the middle of Exeter with oodles of charm and beautiful grounds to photograph in. A welcome surprise from your usual registry office wedding which usually ends up with family photos in the carpark afterwards.

Numbers were pretty limited in the ceremony room because of Covid restrictions—and by pretty limited, I mean that I personally ended up accounting for over 14% of the entire wedding party. It was also super quick, with just the obvious parts left in and all of the regular vamping and niceties removed. It’s cool, I work fast.

Despite Megan & James’ wedding getting downsized, there was nothing stopping Megan from downsizing her beaut Maggie Sottero dress. She looked pretty bananas, and James was certainly dressed for the occasion.

After the ceremony, we had ample time for plenty of family photos (didn’t exactly take long with such a small wedding), where I then whisked these two cool cats off for photos around the grounds and in some nearby woodland. It really is an absolute treat to have so much time and flexibility to do pretty much whatever we wanted when it came to all things photography.

Just when we had what we needed, we whizzed back to Harry’s Restaurant in Exeter for a little reception and sit down meal. This place is seriously cool and the food was damn good too.

What. A. Day.

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