It’s finally happened, I’ve reached that age where all of my mates from school are getting married.

Simon and I go back, almost as far back as a couple of the groomsmen and I—when the idea of a quality Saturday involved terrorising the neighbours on our micro-scooters and eating our bodyweight in penny sweets.

A new venue for me over at Morden Hall, and what a venue it is. Hard to go too far wrong when the venue, styling and tiny details look as good as this. Big thanks to Rhubarb and Bramley for kitting the place out! As a wedding photographer in Dorset, it’s nice to venture out to the Big Smoke for a change of scenery, especially when the venue is this bonkers.

Ruth and Simon did an awesome job of injecting a whole load of personality into the day and making it their own. And by that, I obviously mean with gin.

The day was full of laughs, tears, good food and a whole load of drinking.

With a dance floor as bonkers as this, it was hard to go too far wrong. These guys know how to throw some shapes!

Thanks so much for having us guys, we absolutely loved every minute and it was such great fun catching up with everyone and totally joining the party.

I'm getting married too!