First UK wedding of the year was a special one for a number of reasons. Number one, it was special because it was just so awesome in every single way. And number two because it ended up being my last wedding for a disturbingly long time because of all of this coronavirus business…

Those that know me are well aware of my love of winter weddings. There’s just something about the light, the decoration and the cosiness of staying indoors that gets me going. It also gives me a great excuse to embrace the moodiness of those dark January days.

We kicked things off at Orestone Manor with Jo getting ready in the small apartment accommodation at the venue. Ian was just down the road at home, getting ready with the boys before heading over to the pub to meet the guests and get a couple of drinks in.

The ceremony was unreal, with so much emotion from start to finish in a classic English church, tucked away in the countryside. 

We couldn’t resist heading over to a viewpoint on our way back to Orestone manor to snap some photos of Jo and Ian before things got too nippy.

These guys sure know how to do wedding speeches. I haven’t heard anything like it before, with an hour and a half of raucous laughter sandwiched between plenty of tears and head-in-hand moments. I didn’t even know which way to turn as there was so much going on. Good thing there were two of us on hand to photograph all of the reactions!

What a way to start the year and writing this now has got me all pumped up and ready to shoot this year! Which wedding will be next…

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