When the initial enquiry goes a little like this: “Mike & I met at Glastonbury festival a few years ago. I paint things there and he attends as a punter but we both love it! We also go to Disneyland a few times a year and do something called Disneybounding – fashion and nerdy stuff mashed up” – you know you’re in for a good one.

Fun fact – I’ve never been to Glastonbury.

It’s one of those places that’s so near to where I live but I’ve never had the reason or opportunity to go!

Well this was the opportunity.

What better place to have an engagement session than overlooking the place you met with one of the most incredible backdrops imaginable?

To be honest, it was hard for us to go too far wrong with this shoot. Awesome location up on Glastonbury Tor, relatively few tourists and an unbelievable sky.

What made it even better was having an incredible couple plonked in front of that backdrop. This engagement session was so awesome that I spilled coffee all over my laptop with excitement. Totally worth it!

Roberta and Mike – you guys seriously killed it. Was such a pleasure to shoot with you both and I seriously can’t wait for your wedding next year at the beautiful Rockbeare Manor!

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