First timer at the Snape Maltings Concert Hall and hopefully not the last. I mean, this place is unbelievable. I arrived extra early to have a good old snoop around to see what was going on, and couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing. The absolutely stunning wooden auditorium, the surrounding coastline, the vines and flowers growing on every single structure. Unreal.

As avid appreciators of classical music, this really was the only place for Linnea and Gareth to get married. Having the ceremony on stage in the wooden auditorium with a flute four-piece genuinely made my hairs stand on end. 

Traditions also went out of the window entirely. Getting ready to together to the point of Gareth actually helping do up Linnea’s dress, walking to the ceremony together as a family, walking into the ceremony together…as a family. It really was just extra special in every way. 

We even had the opportunity to stop for a few impromptu photos en route to the ceremony in front of the beautiful creeping vines and autumnal tones. 

I would tag the dress designer but there’s no need, as Linnea only went and made it herself. Seriously, what a boss move. All about that vintage aesthetic too, especially with flowers from Southwold Flower Company finishing the entire look. 

After the ceremony, it was drinks and canapés out by the water, where we headed off for a few sneaky photos in amongst the reeds. So many opportunities for beautiful photos here, especially on a day like this! 

The kids were kept busy with an array of colouring and puzzle games across entire benches, which is an amazing idea as it meant they all got to play together and make loads of new friends.

Between speeches and food, the sunset was too difficult to resist and we headed out for a few more photos. The direction of the sunset wasn’t quite on our side, so we ended up in a field alongside the venue to grab the best view and it ended up just being the most amazing spot. Who needs a dramatic landscape when you have these two looking as good as they do, in front of an absolute stunner of a sunset and seemingly endless geese flying past. An empty field is all we needed.

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