Wedding bucket list has had another nice big tick added to it. Somerset House in London, as we all know, is a bit of a stunner.

Never really thought I’d have the opportunity to shoot a wedding here and see the famous Nelson’s Stairs, never mind photograph one of my favourite weddings of the 2021 season here. 

Eliana and Henry’s wedding in London was somewhat unconventional but in all of the best ways. Trying to remember if I’ve ever photographed a wedding that started with everyone together having lunch at a kebab shop, followed by couple portraits around Covent Garden—all BEFORE we’ve even thought about the ceremony. Not only that, to then dance in procession with a marching band back to the pub for what become an impromptu bar crawl across London’s West End. 

I honestly didn’t want to leave at the end of the night, so much so that I had to plead with the parking security to free me and my car after I overstayed into the wee hours. 

Highlight of the day had to be photographing on Somerset House’s famous staircase. This spot has me written all over it, and Eliana and Henry were so accommodating with me having a little M.C. Escher moment while they just got their chill on. With Eliana being heavily pregnant at the time, I’m sure she was just enjoying having a moment to stop and relax for a bit! 

What a day. Let’s do it again. 

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