Well well well – where to even begin?

Sopley Mill is a great little venue and I’m lucky to have it so nearby. So much opportunity for cool stuff as it’s so varied and has such a great little charm about it.

We started the day in the bridal suite with the beautiful light pouring through the window. Hayley was a half-way-house between being totally cool and bouncing around with nervous excitement.

Dan was without his signature hat, which was a little upsetting but I got over it. The ceremony was a total tear-jerker. Hardly a dry eye in the room. Sanity was restored after the ceremony when he was reunited with it. Phew!

The entire day was so chilled, with plenty of garden games out the front for the kids and more than enough drinks to go around. And oh my God, THAT sunset.

We were halfway through the speeches when I spotted it from the window and I was already planning our escape from the top floor to get down and in front of that incredible sky.

What a perfect end to the already stunning day! Big up to Hayley and Dan for having us – I knew it was going to be a good’n after the engagement session and it totally lived up to all expectations!

I'm getting married too!