Here we go fellas, it’s time to see the good stuff.

Now I was desperately looking forward to BaoVi & John’s wedding throughout last year, and I’m not actually sure whether I’ve shaken the excitement quite yet.

This wedding was BONKERS from start to finish and totally deserving of several spaces at the top of my portfolio. BaoVi and John firstly had a very traditional Vietnamese ceremony back at the family home in Saigon along with their very close relatives. Thankfully, I had done a little homework and knew exactly what was going on to ensure I was in the right place at the right time.

It was such a cool experience (definitely not temperature-wise) watching these guys get hitched in front of their closest family and with so many cultural traditions. Also, have you seen how dope their outfits are?!

Scroll to the bottom of the gallery below to see the traditional Vietnamese ceremony!

A few days later, we all went on a jolly up to Da Nang for the western styled wedding at the incredible Intercontinental Sun Peninsula. This resort is mind-blowing. One of the very rare times where a recce of a venue was absolutely necessary. 

We kicked things off in BaoVi’s not-so-little villa, where she was getting ready and slipping herself into a beautiful Hacchic Couture dress. John had been kicked out of his own villa and plonked in one of his friend’s a good 10 minute buggy ride away.

The ceremony was out on the beautiful veranda overlooking the South China Sea as the late afternoon sun was dropping behind the mountains. The sun wasn’t quite in the right place but we made it work, and it left us with this beautifully soft pastel light to embrace. The Planners absolutely smashed it putting everything together and decking the place out in plenty of subtle flower decorations!

As we were desperately running out of daylight—BaoVi, John, myself and Han (the videographer) went on a jolly down to the cliff top to catch the sunset over the ocean. This was totally worth every ounce of effort and what we captured is genuinely some of my favourite work to date. Had to stop myself from FILLING my portfolio with this good stuff.

The rest of the night was just perfect, with incredible amounts of amazing food, sandwiched between some seriously tear-jerking speeches. Absolute carnage descended upon the dance floor, where many shapes were thrown right until late.

BaoVi & John, you guys did damn good. 

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