There’s little need to remind you that this year has been a bit of a weird one, with spanners thrown into the works left right and centre when it comes to weddings. But one of the small and shimmering fruits to have come out of all of this is the opportunity to get out and photography in some really quite unique locations that I don’t get the chance to check out during any normal wedding season.

Alex and Yoanne actually found me from being Fujifilm’s featured photographer of the week, where a whole bunch of my work was posted across their social media for the week /humble brag. It’s always great to be booked by another photography enthusiast, firstly because it does wondrous things with the ol’ ego, and secondly because I simply just can’t quite get enough photography chat.

We had initially planned to shoot at Lancing College down the road in West Sussex, but ‘rona scuppered those plans and we ended up making a last minute switch over to Seven Sisters to make the most of a beautiful day and a stunning location right on the doorstep.

A nice little surprise lay in front of us as we arrived at the car park, with an absolutely stunning red vine covered building just sat there as the most perfect backdrop. We then walked all the way down to the famous cottages opposite the Seven Sisters, which is the famous viewpoint that everyone misses out on by heading to the wrong side of the river and not fancying a 45 minute walk around.

Funnily enough, we love a 45 minute walk around, so after shooting by the cottages we then grabbed some sandwiches and set upon the great odyssey around the river to end up just 10 metres to where we were stood in the first place. The great British public don’t love a beach on a grey day, so we ended up with the entire place to ourselves as we photographed in front of the famous white cliffs. They hardly even look real up close, you’d be fooled into thinking it was some sort of theme park installation.

Yoanne and Alex absolutely rocked it in from start to finish. It takes a lot to cover some serious miles in a suit and wedding dress, clambering over rocks on a cold autumnal afternoon, all whilst keeping a smile on your face and looking THIS damn good.

My god, this was a good’un. 

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