Another of my regular visits to the stunning Seven Sisters, this time with Raphael and Daria to capture some magic before they headed off to Poland for the big day.

The stars really did align this day, as we had not only the most incredible conditions, but also a completely empty beach and low tide. If you’ve been to Seven Sisters before, you’ll know that high tide requires a pretty long 30+ minute walk around to get to the other side of the river. So with timing on our side, we were able to hop over the shallow water to the other side and save ourselves bags of time, maximising the shoot time available.

Now that all sounds good on paper, but here’s what actually happened. We saw that the tide was low and then were immediately distracted by the amazing hazy light hitting the beach. We stopped to take some photos in the middle of the river opening, before realising that the tide was actually coming in again and we were minutes from being cut off. Some big jumps and very wet feet later, we got to the other side.

Raphael and Daria were absolutely incredible in front of the camera. So little direction was required from me, other than just capturing the magic that unfolded in front of me and making best use of the environments and light. 

If you like this set, take a look at Yoanne and Alex’s pre-wedding shoot from the same location a few years earlier in a completely different season.

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