A first time visit to Chateau Rigaud in the stunning Bordeaux region of France—and very much hopefully not the last. 

The whole crew had been in France for a good few days before the wedding, making the most of flying all the way out from Boston, MA—and soaking in the the last of the European summer sun. So by the time I arrived, everyone was looking pretty damn relaxed around the venue as if they owned the place. Amelia was suitably chilled upstairs getting ready with the girls, while Bill was doing his rounds and saying hello to everyone.

Bill was sporting a custom suit by 9Tailors back in Boston, while Amelia picked up a tasty Justin Alexander number from Madeline’s Daughter in Portsmouth, NH. For the evening, she had a Rick Owens party dress to throw some shapes in.

Now there are speedy ceremonies and there are speedy ceremonies. This was certainly the latter. I’ll let them off for failing to tell me the ceremony would last for all of about 20 seconds, but thankfully my spidey senses were already tingling and I made my way to the back in full anticipation. 

The rest of the day was an absolute riot. Everyone was in full holiday mode, with drinks and food just about everywhere you could look. We even managed to catch an absolute stunner of a sunset over the vineyards before the party started.

After a ceremonial croquembouche, the late summer nights sky was lit up by a beautiful fireworks display as we headed into the evening. Many shapes were thrown that night, and of course Amelia’s Rick Owen party dress made an appearance in all of it’s glory.

The next day, we all had a pool party back at Chateau Rigaud, where many of the guests were spending their last day before heading off either back to the US or for more travelling around Europe. The sun was beating down, the food was on point and there was enough rosé on hand to fill the pool.

Thanks for having me guys, what a way to close out the summer! 

Venue: Chateau Rigaud

Dress: Justin Alexander

Dress: Rick Owens

Dress Shop: Madeline’s Daughter

Suit: 9Tailors

HMUA: Laura Cawte

Planner: Karen Ward

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