I like Disney as much as the next person – I mean, who doesn’t love Ratatouille? But Roberta and Mike really do take this to the next level.

When I heard that their wedding was going to be chock-a-block full of Disney and other ‘geeky’ television references – not going to lie, I was a little worried that I’d be able to take ‘moody’ enough shots of Donald Duck’s big colourful head.

However, what Roberta and Mike managed to do was create something truly awesome – maintaining an incredible level of class, elegance and most importantly, personality. I mean come on, there was even a TARDIS in the lobby (built by the awesome Bren Carter)!

Can I just say that Rockbeare Manor really is a spectacular venue. There’s a first time for everything and this place really didn’t disappoint.

Roberta and Mike’s are an absolute dream to photograph. They’re just so unbelievably comfortable together and totally up for anything to get the shot. I knew it was going to be a good’n after the awesomeness of their engagement session up on Glastonbury Tor!

Big up to Mike for the shot idea on the balcony before the ceremony. It’s going to hurt every time I have to tell someone that this wasn’t all me!

The evening was an eclectic mix of Disney/Ska bangers played by the one and only Dizney Rascal. Try and spot the kid that was CLEARLY loving it…

Thanks so much for having us guys – we absolutely LOVED every moment of it (especially the cake).

I'm getting married too!