Awesome wedding alert.

I get on really well with all of my wedding clients but every now and again, a couple slips through that seem like they’re only one tiny step removed from being part of my closest friendship group.

After boshing out some of my favourite minimal bridal portraits to date, I whizzed down to Finchdean in Hampshire ahead of Emily to say hello to Dave before it all kicked off. I’ve never photographed a ceremony between three trellis corridors which made things interesting. Thank God I had my friend Dan shooting with me, as I was pretty hemmed in at the front!

The good weather and good vibes were out in full force for Emily and Dave’s wedding, with guests chilling out on the grass and sipping on the drinks that they brought themselves and kept cool in the refrigerated truck. 

After no persuading whatsoever, we drove down the road to catch the last of the light in grounds of St Hubert’s Church—a favourite view from the train window for the London commuters.

What an absolute banger of a wedding. Emily and Dave—you guys did good. 

Dress: Rembo Styling

Band: Skaraman

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