It’s hard to go too far wrong with a wedding in your back garden in Hampshire—but Kate and Ed really did take it to the next level and then some.

I’m trying hard to figure out whether I’ve ever photographed a wedding with so many details and personal touches. It was hard to know where to even begin—although the umbrellas and lampshades hanging from just about everything seemed like a good place to start.

Kate and Ed got ready separately so I met up with the guys at the house to capture everyone arriving (perhaps a little dazed from the party the night before). 

Ed was as cool as a cucumber right up until Kate rocked up in an old Land Rover. Five whole seconds later, with all of the bridal portraits done, I casually (sprinted) over to the big tree to capture the ceremony.

There are ceremonies and then there are ceremonies. This was the latter. It really does make it special having someone so close to you acting as the celebrant. Every word carried infinitely more weight and there was hardly a dry eye in sight.

Once the balloon was popped (definitely not a euphemism), the garden party got started. 

The barn was kitted out with incredible decoration and in long rows, which helps with the conversation flow and provided a whole load of intimacy. Kate and Ed were squished right in the middle, which made things a little interesting during the speeches but  made for some incredible photos and genuine moments to be captured without anyone noticing. 

We decided to save a lot of the couple portraits until the evening to let the light settle down and so Kate and Ed could enjoy the time with their friends and family. Thankfully we were surrounded by miles of awesomeness, so we squeezed our way into a good looking field and boshed out some of my favourite couple portraits to date.

Kate and Ed really know how to throw some shapes. Pretty sure I saw an ape-like mating ritual thrown in for good measure. The dance floor went bananas for the entire night, fuelled by the funky tunes and a few too many of the brown stuff. 

Thanks so much for having us guys, we had an absolute blast. It’s going to be a hard one to top! 

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