Oh my days, now this one is a cracker.

Bournemouth Air Festival weekend, slap bang in the middle of one of the most confused summer days of the year, with just about every weather thrown at us as the day progressed. Might have been some snow, who knows.

We kicked things off in Vicky’s parent’s big old house in Bournemouth where everyone was getting ready. Plenty of space for activities, which was great as there were a whole load of excitable bridesmaids kicking about. 

After slipping into a rather lovely Maggie Sottero dress, I whizzed off ahead to Deans Court in Wimborne to say hello to the boys and get myself psyched for the ceremony out on the lawn. Totally in my element here, as a wedding photographer in Dorset and living just a few miles down the road in Wimborne! Low and behold, an entire month’s worth of rain deluged on all of the guests just as they were arriving and just as Vicky pulled up in her German whip. 

The rain soon passed and we bundled back outside to get down to business. 

It’s hard to go wrong with an outdoor wedding, especially when it’s kitted out so beautifully thanks to Kintala Flowers bringing the heat. The ceremony set us up for what was to come, with a whole load of laughter and a little bit of chaos. 

Most food at weddings is pretty great but Flaming Peaches are something a little special. As a regular haunt of mine at my local pub (Eight Arch in Wimborne), I’ve sampled Flaming Peaches’ delights whilst half-cut on more than a few occasions, and their snacks at Vicky and Ash’s wedding lived up to all expectations and then some.

Speeches…well what can I say about these speeches. Just look at the photos and you’ll have a good idea of how they went down! 

The dance floor is totally my jam at all weddings, but I was treated to something special on this night with utter carnage on the dance floor. Who knows what was going on there, but I bloody loved it. You guys did good. 

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