Kicked things off on the hottest day of the year with Toulla and Jason at the absolutely incredible Northbrook Park on the edge of Surrey – which has somewhat of a Wes Anderson vibe about it.

Toulla slipped herself into her dress from The Farnham Boutique once Liz Patey had worked her magic.

After being attacked by a peacock and chased by a hoard of ducks, we made our way through to the ceremony in this gorgeous room with plenty of natural light and flowers by Bluebelle Lane.

The rest of the day was a combination of good drinks, good vibes and sheltering from the blistering sun.

The cake looked stunning in the Orangery up against the foliage and fairy lights. This was turned up to eleven when we dimmed the lights and got the party going where the fairy lights really had a chance to pop.

It’s hard to go too far wrong when Greek dancing is mixed with cake and a few too many drinks. Let’s just say that it was carnage…

I'm getting married too!