Not going to lie, I was really looking forward to this wedding ever since Kat & Jonny’s awesome engagement session over a year ago now – and my oh my did this not disappoint.

Started the day with Kat rocking up at the beautiful Rivervale Barn in her pyjamas, with Jonny not far behind all suited and booted.

We then moved into the cottage where Kat slipped on her Lilian West dress from Bride to Be, complete with Toms (because why not!)

The ceremony room at this place is AWESOME. Can’t go too far wrong with enormously high ceilings, plenty of straight lines and a big window.

I even had a chance to crack out my best GCSE French for some of the guests during the formal group shots – letting out a somewhat exuberant “fromage” followed by ripples of awkward laughter and a few mutterings of “Anglais stupide.”

Decided to go fully edgy for the couples photos before being treated by an absolutely unbelievable sunset.

What a wedding!

I'm getting married too!