This wedding is brought to you by the colour yellow.

Kicked the day off over in Romsey where Rhiannon was as cool as a cucumber and her usual smiley self. Would have been tricky to forget that it was Easter weekend with the sun shining, flowers blooming and a house full of bunnies, chicks and eggs. 

Darren was similarly as cool over at The Clock Barn, where I’m fast becoming a regular visitor—with three weddings this year and two in the same week! 

What a stunning space for a ceremony. Hard to go too far wrong in a barn that’s full of light, aesthetic beams and funky cloth triangle up at the front. 

What’s a big (locked) metal fence when it’s up against grim determination and a bride with a conveniently manoeuvrable dress. As soon as I arrived at the venue, I knew we had to somehow get into that beautiful yellow field.

Of course Rhiannon and Darren were well up for it, and we had a pretty epic photo session under the blazing sun. But that wasn’t enough to quench our thirst for pretty fields—so after dinner, we took a road trip to a similarly awesome field about a mile away to catch what was left of the sunset. 

We got back just in time for the start of The City Folk’s first set, which absolutely blew up the dance floor.

Thanks so much for having us guys, we had an absolute blast! It’s going to be a difficult one to top. 

I'm getting married too!